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Welcome to Mortgage Real Estate Services
Commerical, Investment and Residential Lending

We're a Mortgage Broker operating across America through a vast network of company affliations. This makes us fully equipped to get you mortgage approved for: 

-FHA/Conventional/VA Loans (Residential Only)
-Rental Loans - Landlord Loans (Buy-and-Hold)
-Hard Money Loans - Rehabbers (Buy-and-Flip)
-Construction Loans Rental and Resale Projects  

We're affliated through:
-HighTech Lending Inc. (Residential)
-Commerical Lenders (Investor Rental, Hard Money and Construction Loans)  
-46 States + District of Columbia

We're based in Houston,Texas and specialize in everything ranging from FHA, Conventional, VA, Multi-Family, Construction, Commercial,Residential, Jumbo, Investor Cash Flow, Rental, Hard Money, Portfolio Rental and Foreign National mortgage programs!

As an added benefit, we're also l
icensed as a Texas Real Estate agent affliated with JMP Realty Partners and can represent you as either your
Buyer or Seller agent if you live in the metro-Houston, TX area. So if you're looking for a home, needing a mortgage or seeking investor funds then Mortgage Real Estate Services can help you!

I'm Herndon Davis and I'm here to help you make your logical next steps! 

 Herndon Davis                                   
 Mortgage Loan Officer (#1615871)              
 HighTechLending Inc. (#1479080)    
 Herndon Davis
 Real Estate Agent (#687207)
 JMP Realty Partners (#506733)
 Text/call: 832-457-8951 or email me at

Blog and Mortgage Resources

Simple Ways to Lower Closing Costs
Closing costs are the fees you pay at the closing of your home loan. The amount will vary and includes a combination of appraisal, inspection, title, and administrative costs such as those from your loan officer or broker. When you apply for a loan, you'll want to ask about the closing costs....
Be Prepared not Scared!! Required Documents for Residential and Commercial Mortgage Applications
Be Prepared NOT Scared!! So you think you're ready to buy a house or perhaps a commerical property or maybe even build a brand new mixed-use development?But are you really ready??? One of the most common mistakes borrowers make iscoming to the table...
Get Mortgage Approved to Build/Buy Brand New at Enclave at Oakland Park!!
Contact: Herndon Davis, herndon@MortgageRealEstateServices.comOffice: 832-457-8951 Build/Buy the house you want brand new!!! Everyone, I'll be presenting at the upcoming Home Buyers Seminar discussing new construction mortgage options...
What You Need To Know About Missed Mortgage Payments
Struggling with finances is hard enough, but when you also fall behind on your mortgage payments, the stress multiplies. Going into foreclosure is the consequence of defaulting on your home, but it doesn't have to happen to you! We understand that your house is more than just a roof over...

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