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Welcome to Mortgage Real Estate Services!!!

Welcome to Mortgage Real Estate Services!! Please take the time to familiarize yourself with us and the mortgage process you're about to embark upon. We eagerly look forward to assisting you in getting Residential or Commercial Mortgage Approved!! 

Whether you're looking to buy a home to live in; searching to buy an investment rental property; interested in purchasing a commercial building or perhaps to construct any of the three from the ground up; Mortgage Real Estate Services is there to guide you through the process ease.

But first we ask that you please watch our welcome video above!! When applying for a residential or a commercial mortgage there are 5 crucial do's and don'ts that borrowers must be aware of. So please don't make these simple mistakes as we move foward with your purchase! 

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Required Documents when Applying for Residential Mortgages 
Required Documents when Applying for Commercial Mortgages
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