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4 Mortgages that Can Fuel Your Life from Your 20s to 60s+

4 Mortgages that Can
Fuel Your Life from Your 20s to 60s+
by: Herndon Davis, Commercial/Residential Broker | 832-457-8951
From vibrant 20-somethings to wise 60-somethings, real estate and the different types of mortgages that contain them have an amazing ability to support, fund and fuel life goals, dreams and aspirations. In general real estate can augment one's personal income, increase an individual's net worth and bring a much added boost to retirement all stemming from (4) different types of mortgages!!  The key is knowing how each mortgage works and how best to use them for your financial advantage!!

Mortgages for Your Roaring 20s!!

1 - Residential Mortgages (Owner Occupied FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA) – Welcome to your 20s. Buy a home, save rent money, and build your net worth instead. You're in your 20s, so take chances and live the real estate adventure while you can with no family obligations holding you back!
-Flip the Script – Forget about buying a suburban home, a brand new urban townhouse or tiny condos that cost a fortune. Your goal is to buy cheaply in high potential areas where your property can rise steadily in market value. Appreciation and maximizing your equity is your prime goal while in your 20s. Go head, be an urban pioneer, join the gentrification movement of fixing up what will soon be a gold mine in your city!
-Flip the Script – Forget about move-in ready/turnkey; instead fix it up yourself and live in it. Don’t be afraid of a fixer-upper property even if its your first home. There are fixer-upper mortgages just for YOU!!  So live the adventure in your 20s. Your equity will thank you later.  You can eventully sell it with a tidy profit and move into your 30s and 40s where a different set of goals and priorities await!

Mortgages for Your Responsible 30s and 40s

2- Equity and Cash Out Refinance Mortgages Welcome to your 30s and 40s you have a growing family now!!  Use the equity in your home to benefit your family, increase your income and expand your retirement savings.   
-Flip the script – Forget about using home equity loans and home lines of credit to pay off your credit card bills, go on extravagant vacations or buy new expensive cars. Remember this isn’t “free” money and it can be easily squandered away buying stuff to even the most mundane things such as a new washer/dryer.  Instead use your home's equity to invest in building a viable business, gaining a new work skill, earning professional licenses or a formal education. These things will increase your personal income allowing you to save and invest more for your 60s+ and retirement years.

Mortgages for Real Estate Investing from 20s to 60s+ 

3- Investor Mortgages (Fix-N-Flip, Fix-N-Rent, Commercial) – Between your 20s and 60s+ its never too late to invest in real estate!!  Fix-N-Flip, Fix-N-Rent and Commercial mortgages can fuel your passive income giving a major boost to your net worth. In fact everyday 9-5’ers are doing extraordinary things investing in real estate and so can you!  Either invest in rental property commercial or residential or just fix it up and flip it for a handsome profit!!
-Flip the script - You do NOT have to own your own home in order to buy rental property.  You can indeed be a renter and also be a landlord!!
-Flip the script - You do NOT have to be a business guru with deep pockets to buy commercial property. You can work a 9-5 job while owning and leasing commercial space to businesses that pay you rent!!
-Flip the Script – Instead of just investing in a monthly rental property, you can also jump into the Airbnb market or create a seasonal vacation home and cater to the biggest industry in your city; the one that brings in all the tourists or business folks looking for a deal or for something different than a boring hotel room.

Mortgages for Retirement Years 60s+

4-Reverse Mortgages – Welcome to your 60s and beyond!!  Augment your retirement through the equity in your home.  If you’re 62 or older, own your home outright or have a sizeable equity position in it, a Reverse mortgage can help close the gap on your medical expenses, other debt and also provide you with a comfortable cushion towards the end of your life.
-Flip the Script – You do NOT have to leave the house to the kids. A reverse mortgage is about finally putting YOU first and in control of your financial life in retirement.  If the kids want to buy your house when you pass away, tell them to save up for it or use what’s left in your savings as a down payment to buy it!!

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