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Take Care of Your People and Your People Will Take Care of YOU!!

by: Herndon Davis

Budding entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, managers, supervisors and the like, please remember the Golden Rule of Management. "If you take care of your people, your people will take care of you!"

Earlier today I witnessed a ridiculous abuse of power that turned my stomach. I honestly don't see how this individual could possibly think the people in his employ would ever be loyal to him or put more into their jobs than it takes to do it. Although there was nothing I could do personally to intervene in this particular situation, I do know that the Golden Rule of Management is very true.

So, should you ever find that your business or department is not flourishing as you think it should, you may first want to start examining yourself as a Leader and the way that you treat other people. Happy employees will grow your business much faster than disgruntled employees ever will. 

Herndon Davis

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