Mortgage Real Estate Services

         Buy or Build Commercial Property

Do you want to buy or build one of the following?

Available in 46 States and Washington, DC 

  • Commercial Property (Office, Retail, Hotel, Warehouse)
  • Mixed Use Commercial Property
  • Multifamily  5+ units
  • Construction projects
REMEMBER interest rates will be HIGHER on these types of projects. They are NOT residential owner-occupied homes. Instead these are commerical and investment projects which carry a greater risk and a greater interest rate.

You should expect to pay the following:
  • Office, Retail, Hotel, Warehouse: Rates 5.75% - 9%, LTV 70-85%, Lender Fees 5-8% 
  • Residential Rental (5+ units): Rates 6% to 9%, LTV 80%, Lender Fees 2-4% 

Your very FIRST step is to gather all of the information
below and then email to me at 
OR upload to my secured site below.


Address of Property:
  • Include street address, county and zip code and any real
    estate website links about the property.
Detailed Contractor Estimates (For Repairs or Construction):
  • Construction Costs line item, labor etc
  • Detailed Timeline of start, completion date
  • Non-Construction Costs (i.e. furnishings, grading of the land, utilities, project management, dealing with city zoning, inspections, etc.)
Realtor Comps/Other:
  • Realtor comps of the market driven price per square foot the commercial property could command
    • Realtor comps of the market driven rent the residential apartment building could command.
    • Realtor reports from Local Housing Authority showing what rents could command under section 8 (If applicable)  I would recommend using numbers  that are 25% below maximum.
    • Pre-leasing of tenants, businesses contracts, etc.
    Credit Check:
    • I will need to pull credit owners of your LLC/Corp:  We go by the lowest mid-FICO score of all the owners. 
    • I will provide the credit application.
    • Prefer to see scores 640 and up
    • Will need Drivers License and Social Card of each owner.

    Down payment and Closing Costs:

    • Commercial:   20%-30% down payment
    • Residential Rental (5+ units): 20% down payment
    • Budget another 5%-10% for closing costs across the board.

    Cash Reserves:

    • Must see at least 6 months worth of reserves somewhere in other accounts. 
    • We must see last 2 months bank statements.
    • Can be investment, IRA, banking, savings and other accounts.

    Deed/Proof Of Ownership/Insurance:

    • Provide Deed and any insurance on the property (If you own it)
    • Provide an estimate through your insurance agent of what insurance will cost on the building once tenants are moved in. This is important in calculating your DSCR (Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio)

      Property Taxes/City/County/Education/MUD taxes etc:

      • Need current property tax information on property you wish to purchase.
      • If you are building from scratch we need to get an idea of how much property taxes will be on the new build. This requires you going to your local city offices and inquiring. This is important in calculating your DSCR (Debt-Service-Coverage-Ratio).

        DSCR (Debt-Service-Coverage Ratio)

        Must be Compliant:

        DSCR Formula = 

        Annual Rent payments-Annual Taxes-Annual Insurance Premium

                    *Annual Mortgage and Interest Payments

        Should be 1.20 for Singe Family or